Virginia Travel Green Awards

The Virginia Green Travel Awards were presented as part of the 4th Annual Virginia Green Travel Conference held at the UVA Darden School Conference Center. Nineteen businesses were recognized with the top Virginia Green Travel Star Award.

The MWT was one of 22 additional organizations recognized for promoting sustainable green tourism practices. As a Virginia Green Supporting Organization, the MWT shows support for member wineries who are actively using green practices in their wineries and vineyards, and encourages others to do so.

Our goal is to have half of our membership be certified Travel Green Wineries within a year.

Wineries with a Travel Green Certification are committed to:

  • Recycling and reducing wastes
  • Minimizing the use of disposable food service products
  • Minimizing the use of pesticides/herbicides/fungicides and fertilizers
  • Using water efficiently
  • Having a plan for overall energy efficiency

Current Members who have received their certification include: